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Beach Activities

Available from the Beach Hire Hut is a range of equipment and instruction to help you explore or relax on the island. Most non-motorised equipment is complimentary for house guests.



Green Island is well known as a fantastic location for windsurfing and has been the location of the Australian Windsurfing Championship. All house guests have complimentary access to the gear you’ll need to propel yourself around the island via the power of the wind. For first timers or those needing a refresher, lessons are available. Pros with their own equipment are also welcome to bring it over to the island with them.

Canoes & Kayaks

If a Canoe or Kayak is more your style, these are also available complimentary from the Beach Hire Hut. Take your time to circumnavigate the island at your own speed and take in the serenity.

Sun Lounge and Umbrellas

If all you want to do is relax, well that’s fine as well! Umbrellas and sun lounges are available complimentary for House Guests. You have license to pass the day away dreaming on the beach.